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Hardboiled Crime and Mystery Checklist, Part 1

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order, with pseudonyms or real names listed after the author's name. The books are listed in chronological order, with only the year of publication noted.

NOTE #2: Sorry for the somewhat pedestrian design of this list, but I wanted to make a large amount of information available on one page with as short a download time as possible and very little fuss in updating the list - so no pictures, no graphics, no icons. Just lots of great books that you might have missed. "More" means more to come when I get time to add more entries. The list definitely needs to be updated, but there's enough here to keep you busy until that happens!

Authors A Through J

Edward S. Aarons [Also, Paul Ayres, Edward Ronns]
Nightmare (1948)
Dead Heat (1950, as Paul Ayres)
Assignment Disaster (1955)

David Alexander
Paint The Town Black (1954)
Shoot A Sitting Duck (1957)

Eric Ambler
Epitaph For A Spy (1938)
Journey Into Fear (1940)

Benjamin Appel
Brain Guy (1934)
The Powerhouse (1939)
The Dark Stain (1943)
Sweet Money Girl (1954)
The Raw Edge (1958)

William Babula
St. John's Baptism (1988)
According to St. John (1989)
St. John and the Seven Veils (1991)

W. T. Ballard
Say Yes To Murder (1942) [Also, The Demise
of a Louse (1962, as John Shepard)]
Murder Can't Stop (1946)
Dealing Out Death (1948)
Lights, Camera, Murder (1960, as John Shepard)
Pretty Miss Murder (1961)
The Seven Sisters (1962)
Three For The Money (1963)
Murder Las Vegas Style (1967)

Bill S. Ballinger
The Body In The Bed (1948)
The Corsican (1974)

Linda Barnes
A Trouble Of Fools (1987)
The Snake Tatoo (1989)
Coyote (1990)
Steel Guitar (1991)
Snapshot (1993)
Hardware (1995)
Cold Case (4/97)

Robert Bellem
Blue Murder (1938)

Oliver Bleeck [Ross Thomas]
The Brass Go-Between
Protocol For A Kidnapping
The Procane Chronicle
The Highbinders
No Questions Asked

Lawrence Block [also, Paul Kavanagh]
Mona (1961)
Death Pulls A Double Cross (1961)
Time To Murder and Create (1977)
(Chip Harrison)
No Score
Chip Harrison Scores Again
Five Little Rich Girls (Make Out with Murder) (1974)
The Topless Tulip Caper (1975)
(Bernie The Burglar)
Burglars Can't Be Choosers (1977)
The Burglar in the Closet (1978)
The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (1979)
The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (1980)
The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (1983)
The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (1994)
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (1995)
The Burglar in the Library (7/97)
(Matt Scudder)
The Sins of the Fathers (1976)
Time to Murder and Create (1976)
In the Midst of Death (1976)
A Stab in the Dark (1981)
Eight Million Ways to Die (1982)
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes (1986)
Out on the Cutting Edge (1989)
A Ticket to the Boneyard (1990)
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (1991)
A Walk Among the Tombstones (1992)
The Devil Knows You're Dead (1993)
A Long Line of Dead Men (1994)
Even the Wicked (2/97)
(Evan Tanner)
The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep (1966)
The Canceled Czech
Tanner's Twelve Swingers
Two for Tanner
Tanner's Tiger
Here Comes a Hero
Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)

Charles G. Booth
Gold Bullets
Murder At High Tide
The General Died At Dawn
Murder Strikes Thrice

Thomas Boyle
Only The Dead Know Brooklyn
Post-Mortem Effects
Brooklyn Three (1991)

Leigh Brackett
No Good From A Corpse (1944)
The Tiger Among Us (1957)
An Eye For An Eye (1957)

Bill Branon
Let Us Prey (1992)
Devil's Hole (1995)

Gil Brewer
13 French Street (1950)
A Killer Is Loose (1954)

Frederic Brown
The Fabulous Clipjoint (1947)
The Dead Ringer (1948)
Murder Can Be Fun (1948) [Also, A Plot For Murder]
The Bloody Moonlight (1949)
The Screaming Mimi (1949)
Compliments Of A Fiend (1950)
Here Comes A Candle (1950)
Night Of The Jabberwock (1950)
Death Has Many Doors (1951)
The Far Cry (1951)
The Deep End (1952)
We All Killed Grandma (1952)
Madball (1953)
His Name Was Death (1954)
The Wench Is Dead (1955)
The Lenient Beast (1956)
One For The Road (1958)
Knock Three-Two-One (1959)
The Late Lamented (1959)
The Murderers (1961)
The Five-Day Nightmare (1962)
Mrs. Murphy's Underpants (1963)

James Lee Burke
The Neon Rain (1989)
Heaven's Prisoners (1989)
Black Cherry Blues (1989)
A Morning For Flamingos (1990)
Burning Angel (1995)

W. R. Burnett
Little Caesar (1929)
The Silver Eagle (1931)
Dark Hazard (1933)
High Sierra (1940)
The Quick Brown Fox (1942)
Nobody Lives Forever (1944)
Tomorrow's Another Day (1945)
Romelle (1946)
The Asphalt Jungle (1949)
Little Men, Big World (1951)
Vanity Row (1952)
Big Stan (1953, as John Monahan)
Underdog (1957)
Conant (1961)
Round the Clock At Volari's (1961)
The Widow Barony (1962)
The Cool Man (1968)
Good-Bye Chicago (1981)

James M. Cain
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1934)
Double Indemnity (1936)
Serenade (1937)
Career In C Major (1938)
The Root Of His Evil (1938/1951)
The Embezzler (1940)
Mildred Pierce (1941)
Love's Lovely Counterfeit (1942)
Past All Dishonor (1946)
The Butterfly (1947)
Sinful Woman (1947)
The Moth (1948)
Jealous Woman (1950)
Galatea (1953)
Mignon (1962)
The Magician's Wife (1966)
Rainbow's End (1975)
The Institute (1977)
Cloud Nine (1985, posthumously)
The Enchanted Isle (1985, posthumously)

Paul Cain [Also, Peter Ruric; real name George Carrol Sims]
Fast One (1932)
Seven Slayers (1946)

Vera Caspary
Laura (1943)
Bedelia (1945)
The Murder In The Stork Club (1946)
Stranger Than Truth (1946)
The Weeping & The Laugher (1950)
Thelma (1952)
False Face (1954)
The Husband (1957)
Evvie (1960)
A Chosen Sparrow (1964)
The Man Who Loved His Wife (1966)
The Rosecrest Cell (1967)
Final Portrait (1971)
Ruth (1972)
Elizabeth X (1978)

Raymond Chandler
The Big Sleep (1939)
Farewell, My Lovely (1940)
The High Window (1942)
The Lady In The Lake (1943)
Red Wind (1946)
Spanish Blood (1946)
The Little Sister (1949)
Finger Man (1950)
The Long Goodbye (1953)
Playback (1958)
Short story collections
The Raymond Chandler Omnibus
Killer In The Rain (1964)
The Simple Art Of Murder
Trouble Is My Business
Pickup On Noon Street

James Hadley Chase
No Orchids For Miss Blandish (1939)
Twelve Chinks And A Woman (1940)

Tucker Coe [Donald Westlake]
(Mitch Tobin Series)
Kinds Of Love, Kinds Of Death (1966)
Murder Among Children (1967)
Wax Apple (1970)
A Jade In Aries (1971)
Don't Lie To Me (1972)

Michael Connelly
The Black Echo (1992)
The Black Ice (1993)
The Concrete Blonde (1994)
The Last Coyote (1995)
The Poet (1996)
Trunk Music (1997)
Blood Work (1998)
Angels Flight (1999)
Void Moon (2000)
A Darkness More Than Night (2001)

Michael Cormany
Lost Daughter (1988)
Red Winter (1989)
Rich Or Dead (1990)
Polaroid Man (1991)
Skin Deep Is Fatal (1992)

Robert Crais
The Monkey's Raincoat (1987)
Stalking the Angel (1989)
Lullaby Town (1992)
Free Fall (1993)
Voodoo River (1995)
Sunset Express (1996)
Indigo Slam (1997)
L.A. Requiem (1999)

James Crumley
One To Count Cadence (1969)
The Wrong Case (1976)
The Last Good Kiss (1978)
Dancing Bear (1983)

Timothy J. Culver [Donald Westlake]
Ex Officio (1970)

J. Morgan Cunningham [Donald Westlake]
Comfort Station

Carroll John Daly
The Snarl Of The Beast (1926)
The White Circle (1926)
The Man In The Shadows (1928)
The Hidden Hand (1929)
The Tag Murders (1930)
The Third Murderer (1931)
Tainted Power (1931)
The Amateur Murderer (1933)
Murder Won't Wait (1933)
Murder From The East (1935)
Mr. Strang (1936)
Death's Juggler (1935) [Also, The Mystery
Of The Smoking Gun (1936)]
Emperor Of Evil (1937)
Better Corpses (1940)
The Legion Of The Living Dead (1947)
Murder At Our House (1950)
Ready To Burn (1951)

Norbert Davis
The Mouse In The Mountains (1943)
Sally's In The Alley (1943)
Oh Murderer Mine (1946)

Lester Dent [Also, Kenneth Robeson--Doc Savage series]
Dead At The Take-Off (1946)
Lady To Kill (1946)
Lady Afraid (1948)
Lady So Silent (1951)
Cry At Dusk (1952)
Lady In Peril (1959)

Thomas B. Dewey [Also, Tom Brandt]
Hue And Cry (1944) [Also, The Murder of
Marion Mason (1951) and Room For Murder (1950)]
As Good As Dead (1946)
Draw The Curtain Close (1947) [Also, Dame
In Danger (1958)]
Mourning After (1950)
Handle With Fear (1951)
Every Bet's A Sure Thing (1953)
Prey For Me (1954) [Also, The Case
Of The Murdered Model (1954)]
Kiss Me Hard (1954)*
Run, Brother, Run (1954)*
The Mean Streets (1955)
The Brave, Bad Girls (1956)
My Love Is Violent (1956)
And Where She Stops (1957) [Also, I.O.U.
Murder (1958)]
You've Got Him Cold (1958)
The Case Of The Chased And The Unchaste (1959)
Go To Sleep Jeannie (1959)
Too Hot For Hawaii (1960)
The Girl Who Wasn't There (1960) [Also, The
Girl Who Never Was (1962)]
The Golden Hooligan (1961) [Also, Mexican
Slayride (1961)]
Hunter At Large (1961)
How Hard To Kill (1962)
Go, Honeylou (1962)
The Girl With The Sweet Plump Knees (1963)
A Sad Song Singing (1963)
Don't Cry For Long (1964)
The Girl In The Punchbowl (1964)
Only On Tuesdays (1964)
Nude In Nevada (1965)
Can A Mermaid Kill? (1965)
Portrait Of A Dead Heiress (1965)
Deadline (1966)
A Season For Violence (1966)
Death And Taxes (1967)
The King Killers (1968)
The Love-Death Thing (1969)
The Taurus Trip (1970)
*As Tom Brandt

Jay Dratler
Manhattan Side Street (1936)
Ducks In Thunder (1940)
The Pitfall (1947)
The Judas Kiss (1955)

James Ellroy
Brown's Requiem (1981)
Clandestine (1982-1984?)
Blood On The Moon (1984)
Because The Night (1985)
Suicide Kill (1986)
Silent Terror (1986)
The Black Dahlia (1987)
The Big Nowhere (1988)
L.A. Confidential (1990)
White Jazz (1992)

Hal Ellson
Duke (1949)
Tomboy (1950)
Rock (1955)

Earl Emerson
The Rainy City (1985)
Poverty Bay (1985)
Nervous Laughter (1986)
Fat Tuesday (1987)
Black Hearts And Slow Dancing (1988)
Deviant Behavior (1988)
Help Wanted, Orphans Preferred (1990)
Yellow Dog Party (1991)

Howard Engel
The Suicide Murders (1980)
The Ransom Game (1981)
Murder On Location (1982)
Murder Sees The Light (1984)
A City Called July (1986)
A Victim Must Be Found (1988)
Dead And Buried (1990)

Loren Estleman
The Oklahoma Punk (1976)
Motor City Blue (1980)
Angel Eyes (1981)
The Midnight Man (1982)
The Glass Highway (1983)
Kill Zone (1984)
Sugartown (1984)
Roses Are Dead (1985)
Any Man's Death (1986)
Every Brilliant Eye (1986)
Lady Yesterday (1987)
General Murders (1988) [Short Stories]
Downriver (1988)
Silent Thunder (1989)
Peeper (1989)
Sweet Woman Lie (1990)

John Evans [Howard Browne]
Halo In Blood (1946)
If You Have Tears (1947)
Halo For Satan (1948)
Halo In Brass (1949)
Thin Air (1954)*
The Taste Of Ashes (1957)*
Pork City (1988)*
*As Howard Browne

Kenneth Fearing
Dagger Of The Mind (1941)
The Big Clock (1946)
The Loneliest Girl In The World (1951)
The Generous Heart (1954)
The Crozart Story (1960)

Steve Fisher [Also, Stephen Gould, Grant Lane]
The Night Before Murder (1939)
I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
Saxon's Ghost (1969)

John Godey [Morton Freedgood]
The Blue Hour (1947)
The Gun & Mr. Smith (1947)
The Man In Question (1951)
This Year's Death (1953)
The Clay Assassins (1959)
The Fifth House (1960)
The Reluctant Assassin (1966) [Also, A
Thrill A Minute With Jack Albany (1967)]
Never Put Off Til Tomorrow What You Can
Kill Today (1970)
The Three Worlds Of Johnny Handsome (1972)
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1973)
The Talisman (1976)
The Snake (1978)
Nella (1981)
Fatal Beauty (1984)

David Goodis
Retreat From Oblivion (1939)
Dark Passage (1946)
Nightfall (1947) [Also, The Dark Chase]
Behold This Woman (1947)
Of Missing Persons (1950)
Night Squad (1951)
Cassidy's Girl (1951)
Of Tender Sin (1952)
Street Of The Lost (1952)
The Burglar (1953)
The Moon In The Gutter (1953)
Black Friday (1954)
Street Of No Return (1954)
The Blonde On The Street Corner (1954)
The Wounded And The Slain (1955)
Down There (1956) [Also, Shoot The Piano Player]
Fire In The Flesh (1957)
Somebody's Done For (1967)

Joe Gores
A Time Of Predators (1969)
Dead Skip (1972)
Final Notice (1973)
Interface (1974)
Hammett (1975)
Gone, No Forwarding (1978)
Come Morning (1986)
Wolf Time (1989)

Charles O. Gorham
The Future Mister Dolan (1948)
The Gilded Hearse (1948)

Ed Gorman
Rough Cut (1985)
Murder On The Aisle (1987)
The Autumn Dead (1987)
The Night Remembers (1991)
Prisoners And Other Stories (1992) (Short
story collection)

Sue Grafton
Keziah Dane (1967)
The Lolly Madonna War (1969)
"A" Is For Alibi (1982)
"B" Is For Burglar (1985)
"C" Is For Corpse (1986)
"D" Is For Deadbeat (1987)
"E" Is For Evidence (1988)
"F" Is For Fugitive (1989)
"G" Is For Gumshoe (1990)
"H" Is For Homicide (1991)
"I" Is For Innocent (1992)
"J" Is For Judgment (1993)
"K" Is For Killer (1994)
"L" Is For Lawless (1995)
"M" Is For Malice (1996)
"N" Is For Noose (1998)
"O" Is For Outlaw (1999)

A. W. Gray
In Defense Of Judges
The Man Offside
Prime Suspect
Bino's Blues (1995)

Graham Greene
A Gun For Sale (1936) [Also, This Gun For Hire]
Confidential Agent (1939)
The Ministry Of Fear (1943)
The Third Man (1949)

William Lindsay Gresham
Nightmare Alley (1946)
Limbo Tower (1949)

Frank Gruber
The French Key (1940)
The Laughing Fox (1940)
Simon Lash: Private Detective (1941)
The Silver Jackass (1941) [As Charles K. Boston]
The Last Doorbell (1941) [As John K. Vedder; also,
Kiss The Boss Goodbye, as Frank Gruber]
The Navy Colt (1941)
The Talking Clock (1941)
The Hungry Dog (1941)
The Mighty Blockhead (1942)
The Gift Horse (1942)
The Buffalo Box (1942)
The Yellow Overcoat (1945) [As Stephen Acre]
The Silver Tombstone (1945)
Murder '98 (1948)
The Lock And The Key (1948)

Brett Halliday [Davis Dresser]
Mum's The Word For Murder (1938) [As Asa Baker]
The Kissed Corpse [As Asa Baker]
Dividend On Death (1939)
(many more until 1965, then ghosted;
also published under names Andrew Wayne,
Hal Debrett and Matthew Blood)

Pete Hamill
Dirty Laundry (1978)
Flesh And Blood

Dashiell Hammett
Red Harvest (1929)
The Dain Curse (1929)
The Maltese Falcon (1930)
The Glass Key (1931)
The Thin Man (1934)
Blood Money (1943) [Also, $106,000 Blood Money]
Short Stories
The Adventures Of Sam Spade (1944)
The Continental Op (1945))
The Return Of The Continental Op (1945)
Hammett Homicides (1946)
Dead Yellow Women (1947)
Nightmare Town (1948)
The Creeping Siamese (1950)
Woman In The Dark (1951)
A Man Called Spade (1962)
A Man Named Thin (1962)
The Big Knockover (1966)
The Dashiell Hammett Omnibus (1966)

Joseph Hansen
Fadeout (1970)
Death Claims (1973)
Troublemaker (1975)
The Man Everybody Was Afraid Of (1978)
Skin Flick (1979)
Gravedigger (1982)
Backtrack (1982)
Nightwork (1984)
Steps Going Down (1985)
The Little Dog Laughed (1986)
Early Graves (1987)
Obediance (1988)
The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning (1990)
A Country Of Old Men (1991)
Living Upstairs (1993)

Timothy Harris
Kyd For Hire (1977)
Good Night & Good-Bye (1979)

Jeremiah Healy
Blunt Darts (1984)
The Staked Goat (1986)
So Like Sleep (1987)
Swan Dive (1988)
Yesterday's News (1989)
Right To Die
Shallow Graves
Foursome (1993)

Edward Harris Heth
The Big Bet (1948)

Joe Hensley
The Color Of Hate (1960)
Color Him Guilty (1987)
Deliver Us To Evil (1971)
Legislative Body (1972)
The Poison Summer (1974)
Song Of Corpus Juris (1974)
Rivertown Risk (1977)
A Killing In Gold (1978)
Minor Murders (1979)
Outcasts (1981)
Robak's Cross (1985)
Robak's Fire (1986)
Fort's Law (1987)

Carl Hiaasen
Powder Burn (1981)
Trap Line (1982)
A Death In China (1984)
Tourist Season (1987)
Double Whammy (1987)
Skin Tight (1989)
Strip Tease (?)

George V. Higgins
The Friends Of Eddie Coyle (1972)
The Digger's Game (1973)
Cogan's Trade (1974)
The Judgement of Deke Hunter (1976)
A Year Or SoWith Edgar (1979)
Kennedy For The Defense (1980)
The Rat On Fire (1981)
The Patriot Game (1982)
A Choice Of Enemies (1984)
Pennance For Jerry Kennedy (1985)
Imposters (1986)
Outlaws (1987)
The Sins Of Their Father (1988)
Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years (1988)
Trust (1989)

Patricia Highsmith
Strangers On A Train (1949)
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1955)
The Blunderer (1956) [Also, Lament For A Lover]
Deep Water (1957)
A Game For The Living (1958)
This Sweet Sickness (1960)
The Cry Of The Owl (1962)
The Two Faces Of January (1964)
The Glass Cell (1964)
The Story Teller (1965)
Those Who Walk Away (1967)
The Tremor Of Forgery (1969)
Ripley Under Ground (1970)
A Dog's Ramson (1972)
Ripley's Game (1974)
Edith's Diary (1977)
The Boy Who Followed Ripley (1980)
People Who Knock On The Door (1983)
Found In The Street (1986)

Chester Himes
Rage In Harlem (?)
For Love Of Imabelle (1957)
The Crazy Kill (1959)
The Real Cool Killers (1959)
All Shot Up (1960)
The Big Gold Dream (1960)
Cotton Comes To Harlem (1965)
The Heat's On (1966) [Also, Come Back Charleston Blue]
Run Man Run (1966)
Blind Man With A Pistol (1969)
Plan B (1983)
Collected Stories: 1933-1978 (1990)

Geoffrey Homes [Daniel Mainwaring]
The Doctor Died At Dusk (1936)
Build My Gallows High (1946) [Filmed as Out Of The Past]

Doug Hornig [Peter Caine]
Foul Shot (1984)
Hardball (1985)
The Dark Side (1986)
Waterman (1987?)
Deep Dive (1988)
Virus (1989) (as Caine)
Stinger (1990)

Richard Hoyt
Decoys (1980)
30 For A Harry (1981)
The Siski Two-Step (1983)
Siskiyou (1984)

Roy Huggins
The Double Take (1946)
Too Late For Tears (1947)
Lovely Lady (1949)
Pity Me (1949)
77 Sunset Strip (1958)

Dorothy B. Hughes
The So Blue Marble (1940)
The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders (1940)
The Bamboo Blonde (1941)
The Fallen Sparrow (1942)
The Blackbirder (1943)
The Delicate Ape (1944)
Johnnie (1944)
Dread Journey (1945)
Ride The Pink Horse (1946)
The Scarlet Imperial (1946) [Also, Kiss For A Killer]
In A Lonely Place (1947)
The Big Barbecue (1949)
The Gandy Kid (1950)
The Davidian Report (1952)
The Expendable Man (1964)

Howard Hunt
Stranger In Town (1947)
Maelstrom (1948) [Also, Dark Encounter]
Bimini Run (1949)
The Violent Ones (1950)
Whisper Her Name (1952)
Unfaithful (1955)

Robert Irvine
Jump Cut (1974)
Freeze Frame (1976)
The Face Out Front (1977)
Horizontal Hold (1978)
Ratings Are Murder (1985)
Baptism For The Dead (1988)
The Angel's Share (1989)
Gone To Glory (1990)

Eugene Izzi
The Take
King Of The Hustlers
The Prime Roll
Bad Guy (1988)
The Boosters (1989)

Checklist, Part 2

Checklist, Part 3