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Checklist, Part 3

Authors R Through Z

James M. Reasoner
Texas Wind (1980)

Robert Reeves
Dead And Done For
No Love Lost
Cellini Smith: Detective

Craig Rice
Trial By Fury (1941)
The Fourth Postman (1950)

John Roeburt
There Are Dead Men In Manhattan (1951?)

Conall Ryan
Black Gravity (1985)

Richard Sale
Not Too Narrow, Not Too Deep (1936)
Destination Unknown (1940)
Lazarus #7 (1942)
Passing Strange (1942)
Benefit Performance (1946)

Marc Savage
Paradise (1993)

Budd Schulberg
What Makes Sammy Run? (1941)
The Disenchanted (1950)

Virgil Scott
The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter (1954)

Roger Simon
The Big Fix (1973)
Wild Turkey (1975)
Peking Duck (1979)
California Roll
The Straight Man
The Mama Tass Manifesto

Irving Shulman
The Amboy Dukes (1947)

John Spain
Dig Me A Grave (1951)

Bart Spicer
The Long Green (1955)

Mickey Spillane
I, The Jury (1947)
My Gun Is Quick (1950)
Vengeance Is Mine (1950)
One Lonely Night (1951)
The Big Kill (1951)
The Long Wait (1951)
Kiss Me, Deadly (1952)
Me, Hood! (1963) (Includes, Return Of The Hood)
Bloody Sunrise (1965)

Richard Stark [Donald Westlake]
(Parker Series)
The Hunter (1962) [Also, Point Blank]
The Man With The Getaway Face (1963)
The Outfit (1963)
The Mourner (1964)
The Score (1965) [Also, Killtown]
The Jugger (1965)
The Seventh (1966) [Also, The Split]
The Handle (1966) [Also, Run Lethal]
The Rare Coin Score (1967)
The Green Eagle Score (1967)
The Black Ice Score (1968)
The Sour Lemon Score (1969)
Deadly Edge (1971)
Slayground (1971)
Plunder Squad (1971)
Butcher's Moon (1974)
(Alan Grofield Series)
The Damsel (1967)
The Dame (1968)
The Blackbird (1969)
Lemons Never Lie (1971)

Steve Thayer
St. Mudd

Ross Thomas [Also, Oliver Bleeck]
The Cold War Swap (1966)
The Seersucker Whipsaw
Cast A Yellow Shadow (1967)
The Singapore Wink (1969)
The Fools In Town Are On Our Side
The Backup Men (1971)
The Porkchoppers (1972)
If You Can't Be Good (1973)
The Money Harvest
Yellow-Dog Contract
Chinaman's Chance
The Eighth Dwarf
The Mordida Man
Missionary Stew
Out On The Rim (1987)
The Fourth Durango (1989)
Twilight at Mac's Place
Voodoo, Limited (1992)
Ah, Treachery! (1994)

Jim Thompson
Now And On Earth (1942)
Heed The Thunder (1946)
Nothing More Than Murder (1949)
The Killer Inside Me (1952)
Cropper's Cabin (1952)
The Criminal (1953)
Bad Boy (1953)
The Alcoholics (1953)
Savage Night (1953)
Recoil (1953)
The Golden Gizmo (1954)
A Hell Of A Woman (1954)
The Nothing Man (1954)
Roughneck (1954)
A Swell-Looking Babe (1954)
King Blood (1954)
After Dark, My Sweet (1955)
The Kill-Off (1957)
The Getaway (1958)
Wild Town (1958)
Fireworks (1988) (Short story collection)

B. Traven
The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (1948)

Robert Traver
Anatomy Of A Murder (1958)

The Eiger Sanction
The Loo Sanction
The Man (1976)

Andrew Vachss
Blue Belle
Hard Candy (1989)
Blossom (1990)
Sacrifice (1991)

Jonathan Valin
The Lime Pit
Final Notice
Dead Letter
Day Of Wrath
Natural Causes
Life's Work
Extenuating Circumstances
Fire Lake (1987)

Walter Walker
The Two-Dude Defense (1985)

Donald Westlake
The Mercenaries (1961) [Also, The Smashers]
Killing Time (1961) [Also, The Operator]
361 (1962)
Killy (1963)
Pity Him Afterwards (1964)
The Fugitive Pigeon (1965)
The Busy Body (1966)
The Spy In The Ointment (1966)
God Save The Mark (1967)
Who Stole Sassi Manoon? (1968)
Somebody Owes Me Money (1969)
Up Your Banners (1969)
The Hot Rock (1970)
Adios, Scheherazade (1970)
I Gave At The Office (1971)
Bank Shot (1971)
Cops And Robbers (1972)
Gangway (1973)
Help I Am Being Held Prisoner (1974)
Jimmy The Kid (1974)
Two Much (1975)
[See also Richard Stark, Tucker Coe,
Timothy J. Culver, J. Morgan Cunningham]

Raoul Whitfield [Also, Ramon Decolta]
Green Ice (1930)
Death In A Bowl (1931)
Danger Zone (1931)
The Virgin Kills (1932)

Percival Wilde
Inquest (1940)

Maritta Wolf
Whistle Stop (1941)
The Big Nickelodeon (1956)

Ira Wolfert
Tucker's People (1943)

Cornell Woolrich
The Bride Wore Black (1940)
The Black Curtain (1941)
Phantom Lady (1942)
Black Alibi (1942)
The Black Angel (1943)
The Black Path of Fear (1944)
Deadline At Dawn (1944)
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (1945)
Waltz Into Darkness (1947)

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