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Fair And Informed Residents (F.A.I.R.) of Huntington Woods

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Vote Yes on the Huntington Woods Human Rights Ordinance

There are two important concepts on the ballot:

o One is the right of each citizen to basic human rights - a place to live, a job and equal access to local businesses.

o The other is the right for our city to make its decisions without pressure and interference from "outsiders" - those who have no stake in the wellbeing of the community and who will leave after the election is over.

The opposition has attacked you in the mail with their distorted, scary literature. The people behind the literature hide in the shadows, dodging reporters who try to determine their size and funding. They go from city to city, working within regional cells, but they are nationally organized. They oppose basic Human Rights for people THEY perceive to be Gay.

We, the members of F.A.I.R. (Fair And Informed Residents) of Huntington Woods, have decided to fight the divisive scare tactics of our opponents in order to secure our city's reputation as a community that supports diversity and tolerance.

The Huntington Woods Human Rights Ordinance is patterned after Michigan's Elliott-Larson Civil Rights Act of 1976. This act prohibits discrimination against any person within the City of Huntington Woods regarding:

o Employment
o Housing
o Public accommodations
o Public services

Our ordinance provides protections on an eleven-item criteria, including race, color, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

We know discrimination is wrong. Now we have to fight at the ballot for equality and against the forces that would deny some of our neighbors the most basic American freedoms.

Vote Yes on Tuesday, November 6!