Fair And Informed Residents (F.A.I.R.) of Huntington Woods

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This list of frequently-asked questions should address many of your concerns about the issues involved in this election.

The Human Rights Ordinance will:

o Prevent Discrimination
o Provide Equality for all residents
o Secure Legal Protections

It will NOT:

o Allow Gay Marriages
o Raise Taxes
o Allow Men in Women's restrooms
o Kick the Boy Scouts out of HW

Do not be fooled.

The opposition is deliberately using misinformation, twisted quotes and scare tactics.


1. Will my taxes remain the same if the Human Rights Ordinance passes?

YES. The City anticipates that it will incur no additional costs in complying with the Human Rights Ordinance.

2. Will the City's health care costs remain the same if the Human Rights Ordinance passes?

YES. The Human Rights Ordinance will not require the City to provide employee benefits to same-sex partners or raise Health Care Benefits.

3. Could our Boy Scout Troops refuse to admit a homosexual scoutmaster if the Human Rights Ordinance passes?

YES. The Boy Scouts and other private membership organizations are not included within the definition of "public accommodation" under the ordinance. The United States Supreme Court held that an ordinance such as this may not be applied to the Boy Scouts.

4. If the Human Rights Ordinance passes, will the Boy Scouts continue to have access to City parks and other public facilities like the Recreation Center?

YES. For the reasons stated in the answer above, the City could not deny the Boy Scouts access to City parks and other public facilities. Moreover, the Recreation Center is a public facility made available by the City for the use of a variety of community organizations, with a variety of beliefs. The City may not distinguish between users on the basis of the beliefs or teachings of such users.

5. Will the laws concerning Marriage remain the same if the Human Rights Ordinance passes?

YES. The mayor will not be required to perform weddings. State law requires that marriage be between a man and a woman. No city ordinance can authorize actions contrary to state law.

6. If the Ordinance passes, will women's locker rooms and rest rooms be restricted to women only and men's locker rooms and restrooms be restricted to men only?

YES. Nothing in the ordinance purports to allow a man to use a woman's restroom or locker facility, nor could the ordinance be so construed. Michigan law explicitly provides that restrooms and locker room facilities in places of public accommodation may be separated according to sex.

7. If the Human Rights Ordinance passes, can the City collect money for the United Way and Boy Scouts through voluntary employee payroll deductions?

YES. No such issue is addressed in any fashion by the Human Rights Ordinance.

8. If the Human Rights Ordinance passes, will religion-based daycare centers and counseling centers continue operating as their religious beliefs mandate?

YES. The ordinance does not apply to religious educational institutions or those operated, supervised or controlled by a religious institution or organization, which uses a religious preference for applicants.

Do The Right Thing

Join your friends and neighbors and support the Huntington Woods Human Rights Ordinance

Vote YES for Equality
Vote YES for Tolerance
Vote YES for Community

Vote YES
Tuesday, November 6th

YES to Community YES to Diversity

YES to Equality

YES to Tolerance YES to Fairness

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